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Health Plan Premium"

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Here are some real clients we've recently helped

Kim Saved $405 per Month

Kim, 47 and her daughter, 11 were losing their health plan as their current carrier was no longer offering Obamacare plans in Florida.


Mark, her agent, found her new Obamacare options and some alternatives. 


The very lowest priced Obamacare plan available to them was $619 per month. However, their doctors did not accept that plan. The lowest priced plan that their doctors accepted was $861 per month and plans with reasonable copays were $904 or more!


Kim wanted to see other options.


Mark shared the AlieraCare product offered by Aliera Healthcare. Kim’s doctors are in the network and it only costs $20 per visit. Kim chose a plan that was $499 per month.


This saved Kim $405 per month compared to the lowest priced Obamacare she would consider. That savings is $4,860 per year!

Ken and Nancy Saved $866 per Month

Ken (63), Nancy (57) and their teenage son were trying to figure out what to do about their healthcare. Their 2017 premium was a burden at $1,359 per month, plus a high deductible with no doctor copays.  However, in 2018 it got worse.  The renewal went to $1,812 and their doctors weren’t in the network.

They made good money, but Ken said he had enough.  They were going to go without.

Their agent, Steve, showed them another option through Aliera Healthcare.  This plan gave them back their PPO doctors with $20 primary care visits.  It includes virtually all of the hospitals in their area.  The new price is only $946.00 per month (nearly half)

When Ken turns 65, Steve will help him find a Medicare plan and Nancy’s plan will drop down to under $600 per month.  Now Ken and Nancy can start planning for their future again.

Al and Olivia Saved $1,170 per Month

Al and Olivia are both 57 and don’t qualify for the Obamacare tax credit. They need health coverage for themselves and their three children, two in college and one in high school.

Without a tax credit their Obamacare options ranged from $1974 per month to $4,331 per month and they only had one company to choose from! The plan they were considering was $2643. Wow!

Donna, their agent, showed them the Unity Healthshare comprehensive plan through Aliera Healthcare. With her help, they decided on a plan that provides the coverage options they needed and costs $1,473 per month to cover the entire family.

Al and Olivia are saving $1,170 per month with this choice over the Obamacare plan! That’s over $14,000 per year!

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